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The Ninth Page: Etel Adnan's Journalism 1972-74 - Publications - Callicoon Fine Arts

This book accompanies the thesis exhibition of the class of 2013 of CCA's Graduate Program in Curatorial Practice. It was edited by faculty member Julian Myers-Szupinska and Heidi Rabben. It was designed by Graphic Design faculty member Jon Sueda.

The book collects and translates articles written by Etel Adnan during the early 1970s for the Beirut-based francophone newspaper Al-Safa. In addition to the articles, the publication includes a foreword by program chair Leigh Markopoulos, an introductory essay by Simone Fattal, an interview with Adnan by Jesi Khadivi and Heidi Rabben, and a newly commissioned essay by Andrew Weiner, all responding to Adnan's journalism and its fraught sociopolitical context.

It also includes a copy of the exhibition guide with writing on the exhibition by students Antonia Marsh and on Adnan's writing by Rebecca Roy.
CCA, 2013

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