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Bracha L. Ettinger: The Matrixial Borderspace - Publications - Callicoon Fine Arts

Bracha’s writings on the matrixial can be understood, like her art practice, as psychoanalytic interpretations: facilitating the unfolding of unconscious processes, assisting in our capacity to symbolize experiences through naming, containing primitive anxieties arising from the emergence of psychical and emotional understanding. Bracha’s invitation is one that we might receive though we do not know what we are being invited (in)to because it is an invitation into an experience which cannot be known in advance, which cannot be imparted except through the experiencing of it. It is an invitation that has been accepted by the contributors to this issue, and all who make their way towards feeling — tentatively, slowly, carefully —  The Matrixial Borderspace.

— Excerpt from “Seduction into Reading: Bracha L. Ettinger’s The Matrixial Borderspace,” Noreen Giffney, Anne Mulhall and Michael O’Rourke

Publisher: University Of Minnesota Press, Minneapolis, MN
Author: Bracha L. Ettinger
Forward: Judith Butler
Introduction: Griselda Pollock
Afterward: Brian Massumi
Language: English
246 pages
ISBN-10: 0816635870
ISBN-13: 978-0816635870

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