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A record in plastic bag with LEAVE NO TRACE written on the front, black record

Leave No Trace (2016) is an experimental analog audio project and limited edition vinyl record with zip-bag, nitrile gloves, and accompanying poem. The recording consist of two tracks, one per side, that combines ambient environmental recordings, vocalization, sounds generated from various materials and an old electric guitar. Leave No Trace is part of the "Negative Space" series of related works that includes A Smeary Spot (2015), proposing bodies that are malleable territories, unassimilated, walking a skeptical line between ‘nature’ and technologies, and thereby reconfiguring how different bodies are defined and valued. The title referencing wilderness ethics more importantly points to notions of wildness and unregulated spaces, whats is natural or naturalized—both the privilege and subjugation of bodies and actions that go unrecorded.


Leave No Trace
Vinyl record, zip-bag, nitrile gloves
31min 8sec
Edition of 300

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