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The front cover of "Community Action Center" zine that resembles an official Cliff Notes volume but with purple.

"Community Action Center, a recent MoMA acquisition, is a picaresque, exuberant, and explicit filmic account of happily consensual, and often public, sexual encounters among a group of adventurous women. The filmmakers—A. L. Steiner, an artist known for her photo-collages and her involvement with the band Chicks on Speed and the curatorial group Ridykelous; and A. K. Burns, a multidisciplinary artist and cofounder of Working Artists and the Greater Economy (W.A.G.E.)—have created a non-narrative, transgressive document of a group of friends who act upon, and into, one another. The dialogue-free film features an original musical score as scintillating as its lush and lascivious images." --from the MoMA website

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