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Kahlil Robert Irving is included in a group exhibition at the Craft and Folk Art Museum (CAFAM), Los Angeles, January 28–May 6

The exhibition is organized around three major themes that represent the energy and activity in recent contemporary practice. Anti-disciplinary approaches negate traditional ceramic tenets of perfect form and refined glazing; instead, they prefer intense experimental manipulation of material and processes resulting in amorphous or imperfect forms. Ephemerality results from works made with moist or unfired clay. These pieces are often performative or temporal in nature since they subvert the kiln firing that turns clay into hardened ceramic. Some artists question the value of ceramic objects as indicators of class and personal identity proposing new sociopolitical interpretations for these ceramic works. Most artists merge multiple themes, giving their work rich layers of technical and conceptual depth. By interrogating and advancing traditional definitions of ceramics, the twenty-two exhibition artists are shaping the ways in which the ceramic object will be exhibited and discussed in years to come.

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