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An installation of 5 black and white printed american flags

To usher in the holiday season, Faction Art Projects was inspired to present a public art installation in the windows of Gallery 8. But this window offers more than something pretty to look at. Curated by Natasha Becker, Oh say, can you see? features reiminaginations of the American flag by artists Kahlil Robert Irving, Sara Rahbar, and Daapo Reo. Each flag is based on issues the artists are passionate about and each one transforms the iconic stars and stripes into entirely new visions of loss and hope. The diversity of commitments represented in the three artists and their flags suggest some of the unresolved projects of the United States today. The flags critique, deconstruct, reflects the past, mines the present, and envision the future. As we exchange gifts, celebrate the holidays, and remember the good things we have, they point to both tired faith and criticality. Using the American flag as a working site, a work in progress, a symbol to be, the artists invite us to stop, to pause, and think together about what’s next.

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