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A sculpture of a concrete foot and a rebar pole sprouting from it. In wire, the words "You're fired" are written hanging off the side

For Information focuses on the role that narrative interventions have played in changing public perception. From Rosa Parks and the Montgomery bus boycott, through Norma McCorvey in Roe vs. Wade, to Zoë Quinn in #Gamergate, individual stories have been employed to identify and mobilize collectives. While the act of circulating these narratives shaped policy and cultural norms through the forging of alliances, these actions have also generated movements of resistance. As such, mining past experiences serves the development of new strategies.

Technological advancement has created powerful tools, but also new forms of subjugation. For Information brings together ten artists whose work addresses the social constructions in which our reality is generated. Through their practice, the artists embed themselves in dominant narrative configurations to expose dodgy cultural norms and rewrite the story.

Contemporary access to technologies allows for narrative interventions to reach a wider audience, providing opportunities to respond to conditions of oppression on a larger scale. This exhibition researches these possibilities.

July 9, 7pm:
The Unforgettables Reading/Working Group, session led by curator Christian Camacho-Light

July 24, 7pm:
Film screening at A.I.R
Lynn Hershman Leeson, !Women Art Revolution (2010)

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