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Rochelle Feinstein and Ulrike Müller: Coming Soon

August 1 – September 12, 2020

speech bubbles that mimic text messages that sayComing Soon.  INFECTIONS AND DEATHS BY THE DAY NYC MARCH-JUNE 2020  A creature with the tongue hanging out. CAR SALES IN CHINA 2018-2020 A bovine creature.   FED FUNDS RATES 2010-2020 A howling one.  This one we called J’accuse.  HATE CRIME IN HOUSTON 2017-2018 A creature that could be chanting.  INCREASE DAILY DEATHS WORLDWIDE MAY 2020 This one is not paying attention.  NYS CORONAVIRUS DEATHS IN 5 FORECASTS  DONALD TRUMP MONSTER A creature considering the end. OUTBREAK WITH AND WITHOUT INTERVENTION This one wails and covers their eyes. US DEATHS IN 2020 One that took a shit.   The wailing one, again. FAR FEWER FLIGHTS, MARCH-MAY 2017/2020 A creature turned on its head.  INCREASE DAILY DEATHS WORLDWIDE MAY 2020 This one can’t bear any more.  DONALDJTRUMP  DATA: Rochelle Feinstein Creatures: Ulrike Müller

Press Release

Works made collaboratively during New York City’s COVID-19 lockdown, and viewable through the gallery’s storefront window.

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