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NADA Miami Beach

Sadie Benning, Nicholas Buffon, A.K. Burns, Hervé Guibert, James Hoff, Thomas Kovachevich, Ulrike Müller, Luther Price

Art fair

December 4 – 7, 2014

An installation view of the entire booth
A view of the back wall with 2 Nick Buffon sculptures
A photograph of the salon wall, featuring 21 artworks
A photograph of 4 James Hoff Skywiper artworks
A photograph of 4 Sadie Benning artworks
a purple and red colored pencil drawing
A mixed media work on black ground with white dots and a black and white photograph on top
A black and white photograph of Guibert with his two older aunts, sitting on lush couches
A drawing of a performance by Nick Buffon, with many figures denoting action and movement
A 3D rendering of Key Food supermarket in the East Village
A blue mailbox made out of paper
A painting on black ground of a pink-beige-white form
A painting on black ground of lines and dots that appear like jewels and gems
A yellow and beige mountainous painting
A glitch work in black, green, and pink mostly
A glitch work in predominantly purple, blue, and black
An umbrella artwork with a face in the hand piece, red and white umbrella
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