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Glen Fogel

Call me and we can buy love together

Opening: Sunday, September 6, 3–5pm

September 6 – October 24, 2009

A photograph of 9 images on the central wall, and 2 in a hallway at left
A photograph of 13 images across 2 walls around a corner
A photograph of 7 images across a white wall, with 3 windows among them
A photograph of 14 images over 2 walls around a corner. There are 2 windows included at left
A photograph of 7 images on a wall in the background, and several along the wall at right (barely legible)
A photograph of 12 images across 2 wall: 1 in the background (8 total) and 1 in the foreground
A photograph of 8 images on 2 sets of walls: at left is the hallway with 6 images, and the other 2 are at right in the foreground
A photograph of 4 images in the background, viewed from the hallway
A photograph of 2 open doorways. At the right are the letters G-L in white neon
A photograph of a view down the hallway at right, and into the white room with G-L at left. There is an open door further to the left we cannot view inside
An image of "G-L-E-N" written in white neon tubes
A view of "G-L-E-N" written in white neon tubes, very rudimentary
A photograph from the back room in the gallery with 2 small framed works, and a view of 4 works down at the other end of the hall
A photograph from inside a small room with 2 framed works at left

Press Release

Callicoon Fine Arts is very pleased to announce the gallery's first presentation of a solo exhibition with artworks by Glen Fogel. An opening reception will be held at the gallery on the Sunday of Labor Day weekend, September 6th, from 3 to 5pm. The gallery is located at 27 Lower Main Street, Upstairs, in Callicoon, NY.

The exhibition will be comprised of two bodies of new work. The first work titled, Call me and we can buy love together, consists of over 100 numbered photographs taken with a cellphone camera in New York City subways over the past two years. Grouped selections from the larger series will be exhibited. The photographs depict closely cropped faces in advertisements that have been the site of various forms of graffiti. The images, though sometimes humorous, are illustrative of a persistent homophobia, racism, sexism, and violence. They exhibit both a reaction to and a complicity in the spectacle of capitalism and its advertising apparatus.

The second work in the exhibition is titled Glen from Colorado. This work relates to Fogel's many years as an experimental filmmaker. The work effectively separates the basic components of film from each other, light and sound. A fluorescent sculpture spelling out the name GLEN functions as the artist's luminescent/linguistic surrogate. An audio speaker is directed at the light on one side and a chair is positioned at the light source's other side. The sound component is comprised of 45 minutes of excerpts from over 20 years of intimate letters written to the artist. The excerpts are read aloud by text-to-speech software and the level of volume directly corresponds to the intensity of the "Glen" light.

Glen Fogel is completing the MFA program at Bard's Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts. He has had solo exhibitions at The Kitchen and Momenta Art. His work was included in the 2002 Whitney Biennial and in group exhibitions and film screenings at The Museum of Modern Art, Artists Space, and numerous other galleries and film festivals in Europe and the United States. He lives and works in Brooklyn.

Callicoon Fine Arts, founded in May 2009 by Photios Giovanis, is a new gallery bringing an idiosyncratic mix of regional and international contemporary art to the Upper Delaware River Valley. The gallery acts in partnership with Nightboat Books, For additional information please contact Photi at or at 845-887-4202.

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