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Frieze London

James Hoff

Art fair

October 13 – 17, 2015

A print on aluminum where the bottom third is mostly white with areas of yellow striations moving vertically. In the top third are small circles in pink, blue, purple, and red.
An abstract print on aluminum. There are sectors delineated in color vertically. Mostly the colors are red, pink, and blue. Some areas look like digital static of pixels. In the white third of the work at left, there are multi-colored striations vertically oriented.
A print on aluminum. The bottom half of the vertical work is mostly organic shapes, seemingly merging into one another. The shapes are overlapping, in colors of yellow, red, purple, pink, orange, and black. The top half of the work has striations that resemble static on a television in horizontal lines. The colors there are red and blue.
A work screenprinted on aluminum. The bottom half of the vertical work is predominantly fuchsia and pink, with significant striations throughout. The top half is mostly white. The shapes are organic, fissures dissolving.
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