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Benjamin Kress

Somebody, Anybody, Nobody

December 9, 2011 – January 22, 2012

A photograph of the front of the gallery with 4 works on the right wall and a sculptural piece on a white pedestal near the window
A panoramic image of the gallery that depicts 4 works on the left wall, 3 works on the back wall, and one sculpture at back-right
A photograph of 2 artworks on the wall, framed in silver, with figures
A photograph of 2 paintings in silver frames hung upon the wall
A photograph of the back of the gallery, with 3 works on the back wall and one sculpture on a white pedestal
A photograph of 3 paintings in silver frames hung on the wall
A dark black mass on a wooden platform with a brown floor and white walls
A painting of a large white mass on a blue pedestal, with a blue floor and black background
3 figural shapes on a platform that appear to be paper, in red, green, and blue, in a wall with pronounced white molding
A painting of a man, drawn in blue, squatting and holding a white sheet. The background is black.
A naked woman clutching her hair, sitting on a black bed in an empty room
A sculpture of a human face within a silver vitrine, upon a pedestal
A photograph of a golden head in a vitrine, laying on its side with no hair, eyes closed
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