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Art Düsseldorf

Ulrike Müller

Art fair

November 15 – 18, 2018

A purple, wool rug with 6 rows of equilateral triangles, in varied pink, red, orange, and grey tones.
A painting on paper with yellow and black paint arranged in 8 columns. Each column alternates colors, and each column is made with a dry brush that we see expire. There are 4-5 strokes per column.
A painting on paper that depicts three sprigs with leaves. They are simple, almost symbols. One sprig is brown, one is blue, one is green.
A painting on paper that includes silver polka dots throughout. There are small rectangles of purple paint floating around each corner.
A work on paper of an abstract shape in bright yellow. The shape looks like a lower-case cursive "i" or a short cartoonish mustache.
A work on paper made of rich pink paint. There is a single line that describes a rectangle frame with loops at the corners.
A work on paper of 2 squiggling black lines of paint that end in a blue dot. There is also a blue rectangle near the bottom of the page from where the squiggles emerge.
A painting on paper that shows two triangles connected in the center of the page at their tips. The triangle on the left is made by a blue outline, the triangle on the right
A drawing of a vessel with a small rectangular area at the top of the vessel with 15 dots in it. There is a blue stroke of paint at the bottom of the paper.
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