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Art Basel Miami Beach

"Positions," Ulrike Müller

Art fair

December 1 – 4, 2016

A photograph of the gallery's Art Basel Miami Beach art fair booth. On the left wall is a textile-rug in purple with yellow triangles in a multitude of pastel and muted tones. On the back wall is a red and pink textile-rug with a cat silhouette peeking in from the top-right corner. Interspersed throughout the booth are 7 enamel paintings , spaced equidistant from one another: 4 are hung on the right wall, 3 are hung between the 2 rugs around the back-left corner.

Installation view, Ulrike Müller, Art Basel Miami Beach, Callicoon Fine Arts, Miami, FL, 2016

Press Release

Callicoon Fine Arts announces its participation in Art Basel at Miami Beach with a booth of works by Ulrike Müller in the Positions section. In addition, we are presenting works by Luther Price, A.K. Burns, and Jason Simon in the sections devoted to Film and Sound.

Ulrike Müller


Callicoon Fine Arts is proud to present Ulrike Müller’s vitreous enamel paintings and woven wool rugs. In her work, Müller explores relationships between abstraction and bodies and a concept of painting that is not restricted to brush and canvas. Repurposing formal languages borrowed from modernist abstraction, Müller however does not aspire to universality. Much rather, her forms bear a more radical potential: Müller invites questions about context and legibility, the social meaning of forms, and the emancipatory potential of openness. This set of questions extends into her approach to technique, as she seeks out mediums and formats to create connections with other realms of life and of production.

Müller’s work will be included in the upcoming Whitney Biennial. mumok - Museum of Moderner Kunst, Austria, hosted a solo exhibition of her work last year and a catalog is forthcoming. Müller work was including in Painting 2.0: Expression in the Information Age at the Museum Brandhorst in Munich, and mumok, Vienna. In 2010, Müller represented Austria in the Cairo Biennial.

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