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Art Athina

Etel Adnan, Kahlil Robert Irving, Ulrike Müller

Art fair

June 20 – 24, 2018

An abstracted painting of a mountain with black ink, and a circle at top-right
An abstract painting of a mountain pack, colored in with black ink with impartial brushstrokes defining the shape
A stout sculpture made of layered stoneware. The image depicts a yellow and green layer near the bottom. The top looks volcanic, with burnt umber and grey clay.
A mixed stoneware sculpture: it's base is about the size of a beer can with white, pink, silver, and gray lusters/coloring. From the top-left is a tube shape in brown/orange color, in a small squiggle that resembles a lower-case cursive "R"
A mixed stone sculpture: a replica of a plastic Sprite soda bottle in porcelain, covered with yellow luster dripping down from the top and covering the upper half of the bottle. The bottle is embedded in a crumbly gathering of stone, painted orange.
A mixed stoneware sculpture with a sharp peak leaning toward the left. The base has some orange and gray tones, while the edge of the triangular form has Irving's characteristic decals applied to white porcelain.
A mixed stone sculpture about the size of a beer can, with cracks throughout. Tones of moss green, pink, blue, and white are painted upon the surface. There is a small tube curving up and off the top of the form, with a silver drip at the end.
Four mixed-media collages on cream paper, framed with natural wood. The images are compositions made up of circles and semi-circles, lines, and triangles. The colors are red, pink, green, and blue.
An abstract composition split down the center. On the right is a teal semi-circle poised on a yellow rectangle, with a brown background. The left is an oblong white shape with a black background.
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