Ulrike Müller is included in Straying from the Line, a group exhibition at Schinkel Pavilion, April 13–July 28, 2019

The political lines of the present are territorial as well as physical. They produce a social geography of boundaries and hierarchies that always mark certain bodies as (un) readable and (un) visible, dominant or controlled. Through a fundamentally expanded perspective on the polyphony of feminist tendencies in the art of the last 100 years, "Straying from the Line" is dedicated to such mapping in the field of art. With positions ranging from Eva Hesse and Maria Lassnig to Elaine Sturtevant, Lynda Benglis, Tony Cokes and Lee Lozano to Nicole Eisenman, Heji Shin and Martine Syms, the exhibition explores the potential of reorganizing various terrains - social as well as gender beyond a limiting logic.

posted 4.11.19