Ulrike Müller will be in-conversation with Mia Locks at The Galleries at Moore College of Art & Design, October 24, 11:30am–1pm

Curator Mia Locks and artist Ulrike Müller discuss the ideas, practices and influences within Or Both, an experimental two-part exhibition that includes a solo presentation of work by Müller alongside a group show of works by Martin Beck, Barbara Chase-Riboud, Jennie C. Jones, Eric N. Mack, Medrie MacPhee, Dona Nelson, and Deborah Remington. 

"Or Both hinges on a desire to occupy multiple positions at once. It is both a solo show and a group show simultaneously. Rather than assume one format, this exhibition considers how these two formats might fold inward onto one another instead. Can a single exhibition hold both, do both, be both? What kinds of thinking might such an arrangement yield."

– Mia Locks

The exhibition is the first in Moore's Visiting Curators Initiative series, a program that focuses on fostering creative opportunities for independent curators, allowing them to experiment in a new environment full of collaborative possibilities.

posted 10.23.19