Thomas Kovachevich: A Drawing Projected for a Total of 24 Hours, opens at National Exemplar in New York City, January 5–20, 2019. It is on-view on weekends only, noon–4pm.

Thomas Kovachevich: “A drawing projected for a total of 24hrs”  

January 5 – 20, 2019

The exhibition lasts for 24 hours, divided into 6 days for four hours per day.

Sat Jan 5th: 12-4pm / Sun Jan 6th: 12-4pm 

Sat Jan 12th: 12-4pm / Sun Jan 13th: 12-4pm 

Sat Jan 19th: 12-4pm / Sun Jan 20th: 12-4pm

In 1973 the Museum Of Contemporary Art, Chicago, presented an exhibition of paintings by Thomas Kovachevich. Fascinated by shadows and their changing appearance under varying illumination, Kovachevich applied paint of closely matched colors over the shadows cast onto the Museum’s walls. Tinted lights were added for color complexity. Only some shadows were painted creating a subtle tension between natural and altered phenomena, calling into question our perception of both.

At The National Exemplar Gallery, Kovachevich again investigates projected light and the passage of time. On this occasion, the focus is on one drawing taken from the artist’s digital notebook made over the last 2 years. 

As in the Shadow exhibition, the entire gallery is altered by reflected light, shadows, and images. The contrasts between analog and digital, perception of reality, image and impermanence is re-visited.

“Kovachevich is concerned that his work be seen gradually, that its generalized forms be allowed to develop increasing perceptual complexities through renewed, intimate acquaintance”. Stephen Prokopoff, Chicago, 1973. Director MCA-Chicago

posted 1.5.19