Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh, and Hesam Rahmanian, solo exhibition, The Maids. 2nd Han Nefkens Foundation-macba Award at MACBA, Barcelona, October 28, 2017 - January 27, 2018

Initiated in 2011, the second edition of the Han Nefkens Foundation-MACBA Award has been won by the Iranian collective formed by Ramin Haerizadeh and Rokni Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian. The jury determined that the work of this artists’ collective, currently living in Dubai and collaborating since 2009, differs from today’s dominant tendencies in art by their recovery of the importance of experience and sensuality in their work. While their playful installations blur individual practices through their immediate visual impact, their works focus on contemporary politics with wit and irony.

The exhibition at MACBA includes the presentation of From Sea to Dawn (2016-17), a moving painting, and The Maids (2012–15), a work based on Jean Genet’s homonymous play, and other works made specifically for the occasion, some in collaboration with other creators such as Niyaz Azadikhah (founder of a women’s collective that tell of their experiences with fear), John Cole (a robotic engineer) and Joan Baixas (artist puppeteer, who has collaborated with Joan Miro and Cildo Mereles to name a few), Mandana Mohit and Sohrab Mahdavi (both writers).

They work independently and together circulate a form of collaboration that doesn't suppress individualism. The seeds of their language were sown as early as 1999 in Iran. Their practice offers up a novel redefinition of the collective, as theirs is constantly growing and contracting to incorporate friends, writers, and artists at large.