Ramin Haerizadeh, Rokni Haerizadeh, and Hesam Rahmanian to participate in the 9th Busan Biennale (Divided We Stand) held in South Korea, September 8–November 11, 2018.

The 65 participants from 34 countries were selected by Artistic Director Cristina Ricupero, Curator Jörg Heiser and Guest Curator Gahee Park, with the help of an advisory board including Jee-sook Beck, Youngwook Lee, Minouk Lim, and Manu D. Park, as well as further advice from Tarek Abou El Fetouh, Julia Grosse, and Yekhan Pinarligil.

Titled Divided We Stand, the theme of the 9th Busan Biennale is that of split territories as reflected in artists’ work from around the world. The exhibition will take place at the Museum of Contemporary Art Busan and the former Bank of Korea in Busan. The two venues reflect the biennale’s theme: at the newly opened museum, the main focus is the Cold War era and its uncanny return in the present, while at the former Bank of Korea building, alternate futurist scenarios will unfold, looking at our current state of being through the lens of science fiction. The exhibition architecture for both venues has been designed by mnlp architects (Seoul/London).