"Quarry" by Glen Fogel

single channel video, sound
02:30m loop with 18 variations
41:50m total

Quarry is composed of a scene taken from Law andOrder: Special Victims Unit, and inter-cut shot for shot with Fogel’s own re-enactment. In the original episode, also titled Quarry, a convicted pedophile is asked to identify numerous baseball caps, presumably each belonging to a boy that he molested. He does this by raising each cap to his face and inhaling deeply, erotically. A police investigator awkwardly looks on. Fogel complicates the relationship from within by assuming the role of the pedophile, and thereby challenging the implicit equation of sexual abuse and homosexuality perpetuated in popular culture. The artist disrupts the ideology of the television show by upending its assumptions, even while embodying its address. Fogel’s artwork commits an exorcism via possession, banishing a demon through sympathy with the devil.

Some writing here by Nathan Lee

Images of the installation at The Kitchen, NY

posted 10.9.09