Nicholas Buffon at the VOLTA show March 4 to 7

February 22, 2010 — Callicoon Fine Arts announces its participation in The VOLTA Show. The art fair takes place at 7 West 34th Street, at 5th Avenue in New York City, March 4 through March 7, 2010. Join us at Booth A1.

The gallery is pleased to present an installation of paintings, drawings, sculpture and video by Nicholas Buffon. Under the auspices of the art fair’s special projects framework, VOLTA CFA #A1 will also be the site of a performance by the artist on March 5th and 6th at 4pm.

Titled “A Sight of Death," after the recent book-length study by art historian T.J. Clark of two paintings by Nicolas Poussin, Nicholas Buffon’s performance enacts a ritualized letting go of the fruits of his labor. The artist comes to embody an archetypal hero who is unable to access a distant, authenticating, mystic truth. With a body and voice that constantly vacillates between the potential for comedy and tragedy, he positions the artist as an absurd agent of very real histories.

In Buffon’s work on canvas, these histories relate to forms of fantasy and science fiction or to the transubstantiating powers associated with twilight and darkness. Within wonderfully complex abstract articulations, Buffon’s paintings and drawings are visually in keeping with Clark’s determinations of that other Nicolas’ artworks, where “constancy is threaded into demonstrations of change" and where spacial zones of the paintings are “explicit structures of the local, exploratory, and material life of procedure - of a praxis that is uniquely intense." Buffon’s other paintings—of hamburgers and pizza slices on triangular canvases—highlight the infantilizing power of a culture of consumption, themes that refer back to some of the actions in the performance-based work.

Nicholas Buffon, b.1987, is currently enrolled in the MFA program at Bard’s Milton Avery Graduate School of the Arts. He also attended the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. His work has been included in group exhibitions since 2008 and he has staged his solo performance works numerous times since 2007. In 2009 he presented “The Left Hand of Darkness" at the 10th Open International Performance Art Festival in Beijing.

posted 2.22.10