James Hoff  premieres a new HOBO UFO audio-visual performance at Human Resources, Los Angeles, May 29, 2018.

Audio-Visual Program // Live Performances + Cinema


James Hoff 

Free The Land 

Lukas Marxt

Ellen Phan & Nisa Karnsomport

curated by Tim Leanse


doors at eight – donate eight

program begins promptly at 8:30


James Hoff is a Brooklyn-based artist who tweaks systems across disciplines – from fine art object-making to multimedia actions. His discordant sound work issued on the PAN label has collaged riots and attacked the vernacular – famously introducing computer viruses to drum machine programs and leveraging the resultant degradations as compositional fodder. At this audio-visual summit, Hoff will perform HOBO UFO – a live, video-projected, rapid-fire click and spin through Google Street View driven by his real-time audio – hyper-rhythmic and fractured. HOBO UFO’s debut at Unsound 2017 in Kraków, Poland, utilized streetview imagery of Pripyat – a city in Chernobyl’s Zone of Exclusion. For this realization at Human Resources, however, Hoff’s peripatetic virtual dérive will course through the host city of Los Angeles. HOBO UFO is slated for multimedia release on PAN.

posted 5.27.18