Fia Backström will be reading from COOP A-Script (2016, Primary Information) at Rönnell's, Stockholm, on May 29th, 5–7pm. 

Fia Backström is a Swedish artist who is based in New York. Backström's work focuses on the coexistence kit and how collective subjectivity is constructed through imaginary and real systems that include the social life and use of images. She turns social situations into operational tables where method and media shift according to context, while she reworkes the terms of engagement. The work is carried out in a wide selection of media, such as photography, performance, text, typography, objects, social exchange and educational methods. Her environments, events and projects challenge common beliefs about what an exhibition is by destabilizing format, location, and authorship; often included works by other artists, as well as the participation of colleagues, visitors, and institutional staff.

Backström is up to date with the rebuilding of the work Arbetaren through TidernaIn Moderna Museet's collection on May 23, and in the group exhibition Art I Parkenwhich opens on June 8 at Thielska Gallery.

At Rönnells, she will read from her book COOP A-Script , which contains two performance manuscripts. There will also be printed matter and text-based print of her.

Fia Backström's work has been shown in several international contexts. Backström represented Sweden in the 54th Venice Biennale (2011) and was the subject of four overview exhibitions at Artist's Institute (2015-16). Her work was shown in Greater New York, MoMA PS1 (2015) and at the Whitney Biennale (2008), all in New York. Other exhibitions include: Moderna Museet, (2019/2010); MAMAN, Recife (2016); MUSAC, Spain (2013) MoMA (2010); Transit, Prague (2008); and Serpentine Gallery, London (2007). Recent projects include: A Vaudeville on Mankind in Time and Space , Callicoon gallery (2018), Woe men - keep going , Mary Boone gallery (2017), The Shape of paper Come, ABF, Stockholm (2016), andME have to be turned upside down to become WE, Segue series, New York (2014). Her texts have been published in her book: COOP A-Script , Primary Information, (2016), Fia Backström , Moderna Museet Catalog, (2011) and in magazines such as Artforum, Art on Paper, and North Drive Press.


In collaboration with Rönnell's Friends, Studiefrämjandet, Kulturrådet, Stockholm city and Humlegården Fastigheter.

posted 5.24.19