Colter Jacobsen: hour fault, on view at Anglim Gilbert Gallery, San Francisco, September 3–28, 2019

Reception: Saturday, September 7, 4–7pm

Anglim Gilbert Gallery at Minnesota Street Project
1275 Minnesota Street, San Francisco CA 94107
Tel: 415.528.7258
Gallery Hours: Tues - Sat 11 - 6pm.

Anglim Gilbert Gallery is pleased to announce hour fault, an exhibition of recent works by Colter Jacobsen, all shown for the first time in the Bay Area. The artist will present a panorama of intimate artworks bringing together drawing, painting, collage and assembled found materials. His creations are anxious propositions in the context of our shaken world. He writes:

In a time of such political turmoil, is it still important to appreciate beauty? How is music, poetry, or art relevant? As scientists are finding the rate of climate change is faster than they expected, how are we to connect to these frightening statistics? Are we separate from a hurricane? How to describe our brief life, our signature, our fault-line, our now, our place. Can we discover a reliance of we, a we of forests, oceans, animals, storms?

Jacobsen finds his materials close at hand, and his observations fit sensitively within his grasp.

With the graphite work, ‘Don’t let your right hand know what your left hand is going through’, I set myself the simple task to draw my left hand using my right hand and vice-versa. A companion piece to this work depicts two hands held together as in prayer (the hands are also holding a praying mantis.)

Several of the drawings explore a space of disintegration, where abstraction and representation co-exist. Can I draw the invisible? Can I draw the invisible connections between us.

Jacobsen’s connection to words and their images, through the legacy of the Bay Area poetry scene and through his writer friends, has led to his reverential exploration of textual dynamism.

I give a nod to concrete poetry in the word paintings— where the letters themselves become the colors and shapes of the composition. In the series I’m calling ‘Now’ paintings, the word “now” in cursive is repeated and spinning so that the “o” of now is at its center. It is an attempt to bring us into the present moment.

Two works act as memorials to friends who have passed away. In ‘Down time with Act Up’, a casual snapshot of members from Act Up London share smiles and beers while an old friend of mine, Adam Block, appears in the corner, taking what appears to be a selfie (before the term selfie existed.) And ‘Bouquet for K.K.’ is a flower arrangement from a friend’s wedding that has taken on the spirit of a recently deceased friend, Kevin Killian.

Colter Jacobsen (b. 1975) lives and works in San Francisco, CA. He earned his BFA from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2001 and is a receipient of SFMOMA’s prestigious SECA Art Award (2010). His work has been exhibited in numerous solo exhibitions, including “This Is How We Walk on The Moon: Colter Jacobsen,” Museum of Contemporary Art San Diego La Jolla, California (2014); “Searchin’ vs. Buildin’,” LAXART, Los Angeles (2010); and “The Exhibition Formerly Known as Passengers,” CCA Wattis Institute, California College of Arts. Group exhibitions include "A Slow Succession with Many Interruptions” (2016–17); “2010 SECA Art Award” (2011); and “The Air We Breathe” (2011), all at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art. hour fault is Jacobsen’s third oneperson exhibition with the gallery. 

posted 9.2.19