Thomas Kovachevich is included in The Animist Cookbook, a one-day exhibition at the Sunview Luncheonette, Brooklyn, NY, January 11, 2020, curated by Nitil Mukul.
posted 12.20.19
Thomas Kovachevich is featured in 2 Stories, a group exhibition of monotypes at ENTRANCE, New York City, opening May 3, 2019.
posted 5.1.19
Thomas Kovachevich Galleria Poggiali Italy
Thomas Kovachevich: Portrait of a Room, solo exhibition, on-view at Galleria Poggiali, Milan, February 14–March 28, 2019
posted 2.10.19
Thomas Kovachevich: A Drawing Projected for a Total of 24 Hours, opens at National Exemplar in New York City, January 5–20, 2019. It is on-view on weekends only, noon–4pm.
posted 1.5.19
Thomas Kovachevich in Palermo
A solo exhibit of Thomas Kovachevich, Portraits of Palermo, at The National Exemplar in Palermo, Italy, June 10–August 30, 2018.
posted 5.30.18
Thomas Kovachevich Cini Foundation
Thomas Kovachevich is one of ten featured artists in the exhibition, A Furnace in Marseille, at Le Stanza del Vitro, Cini Foundation, Venice, May 9–July 29, 2018
posted 4.25.18
Thomas Kovachevich at Le CIRVA, Marseille
Thomas Kovachevich featured in Une maison de verre, at Le CIRVA, Centre International de Recherche sur le Verre et les Arts plastiques, Musée Cantini, Marseille, March 17 - September 24, 2017
posted 2.19.17
Mugnaini, Alberto. Thomas Kovachevich, Poggiali/Milano, Flash Art. Mar 7, 2019. Web.
posted 3.8.19
Thomas Kovachevich's rethought and ecological minimalism, AskANews. Feb 18, 2019. Web.
posted 2.20.19
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posted 2.17.19
In Milan, Poggiali hosts the first Italian solo exhibition of Thomas Kovachevich, Finestre sull'Arte. Feb 14, 2019. Web.
posted 2.16.19
Thomas Kovachevich at the National Exemplar, Palermo, Italy
Editors of ARTnews. Thomas Kovachevich at the National Exemplar, Palermo, Italy, ARTnews. Aug 17, 2018. Web.
posted 8.20.18
Thomas Kovachevich “Portraits of the room” and Ryan Foerster “Early Prints and Paintings” at The National Exemplar, Palermo
Thomas Kovachevich “Portraits of the room” and Ryan Foerster “Early Prints and Paintings” at The National Exemplar, Palermo, Mousse. Aug 16, 2018. Web.
posted 8.18.18
Preview: Thomas Kovachevich, Frieze New York
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posted 4.17.16
Thomas Kovachevich featured in Non Atomic at 215 Orleans Project Space, Beaumont, TX, September 28 - October 26, 2017
posted 9.28.17
Findings, Harper's Magazine. Jun 1, 2017. Print.
posted 5.31.17