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Joseph Wolin on two New York shows
Wolin, Joseph. Joseph Wolin on two New York shows, Art in America. Dec 8, 2017. Web.
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Ben Kress at Helper
Benjamin Kress at Helper Projects,  Brooklyn, NY, May 13th - June 11th, 2017
posted 5.2.17
Goings on About Town: Art - Benjamin Kress, The New Yorker. Dec 9, 2012. 
posted 12.9.12
Benjamin Kress, in Figure and Fantasy, group exhibition, Westchester Community College Center for the Arts, Westchester, NY, September 8 to October 12
posted 9.8.12
Ben Berlow, Nicholas Buffon, Glen Fogel, Daniel Gordon, Carol Hepper, Benjamin Kress, Ajay Kurian, Dave Miko, Simone Shubuck, Dallas Art Fair, April 8 - 10, 2011, Dallas